ive gotta play stricken at at a battle of the bands and i cant seem to be able to get those signature don donagan squeelies down at the low E string.

i can do all lower strings fine but for some reason it seems the only place i can get pinch harmonics is below the twelfth fret.

am i doing something wrong?
It could be something to do with how you're holding the pick. Choke the hell up on it, and arrange your thumb so that the knuckle is just above the point of the pick.
Also, try this: hit a pinch twelve frets lower than the one you're attempting, then slide your fret hand back to the original fret, and leave your pick hand in the exact same spot.
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that maybe because with the other 5 strings, you rest your hand on the ramaining strings
and your problem may be that now you don´t have any string to rest your hand
just practice, and if you still can´t try to rest your hand on the guitar body

and if you are playing stricken make shure you are on drop C
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