Me and My friend spent a lot of time last night covering the end theme from Portal, we used a Macbook pro, garageband, which we plugged my guitar (Carvin Bolt T) straight into and used a couple of the presets to make the 5 guitar tracks, then we had a preset drum track (real simple drums) and my friend sang, however the modulated voice effect isn't how it will hopefully end up to be (needs a female robot sound) this is the prototype.

It's on my profile.
Haha thanks :p
And I can have one written up but it's really easy (figured it all out except the chords, they're on the guy who originally did it's website).
Here's a power tab of the basic chord sequences, the backing guitar parts should be easy enough to figure out youself cos I really can't be assed to tab any more out tonight.
Still Alive ptb.zip