I'm still trying to get decent at my bootzilla wah pedal, this is a video of part of my band jammin out, my wah solo comes in around a minute or so. I was just experimenting with the pedal, any tips or suggestions that could help me use the pedal better?


I find that a good place to start with using a wah is to rock the pedal as you would tap your foot to the beat.

You seem to be getting the hang of it, just keep at it trying to get even sweeps etc.
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To me, there are 2 schools of wah thought - the "I'm gonna pretend to be an envelope filter" wah, and the "I'm gonna pretend to be a guitar player" wah. Personally, I think if you're going the first route, get an envelope filter - there's no sense in starting each note in heel position, going to toe, and back. I think it sounds to 'watery', and that's what you're doing. Bwah, bwah, bwah, bwah. If you like it, great, but I hate that. If I wanted that sound, I'd get an envelope filter.

Option number 2 is the way to go - if you want that agressive, sensible wah without sounding like a duck, rarely, if ever, go into heel position. Go between toe and half-way. THAT'S where it's at.
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