i just came back from a gig. just a bunch of bands playing whatever songs. anyways, this one band had me wondering. they were playing a lot of heavy songs. i don' know the exact names of the song because i'm not much a metal head, but instrument wise it sounds similar to killswitch engage and any heavy band that has a vocal that growls/screams/roars low. whatever it is. anyways, rythmn gutiarist was using a gibson lp standard and i noticed his pickup switch was on the neck pickup. which is pointing up in terms of where the selector is faced. honestly, i don't know whether this is right or not but aren't these kind of songs supposed to be played in the bridge pickup?? plus, he wasn't the lead guitar so he played most of the rythmn stuff.
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Its a personal choice, When I want a certain twangy tone for lead, I use the bridge pickup too, But if I want a muddy tone, then I use the Neck
It's really to do with personal preference. Its the sound that the guitarist and band may like.
Bridge pick-up tends to give a more of a treble sound where the neck pick-up is warmer. I think the neck pick-up sounds much nicer with distortion anyways.
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