you mean on a whammy bar?

its called ya know.. good gear

if you just mean bends like.. normal ones

then dude your doin somethin wrong :P
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in my experience, aside from a guitarist's touch, i would say the usage of high end guitars. i've played with a lot of cheap ass guitars and most of them get out of tune. i've tried ****load of high end guitars and they never failed me.
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Any quarter-decent guitar should be able to at least stay in tune man
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good tuners, good strings, good nut, good bridge, correct technique.
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how do guitarists play like 15 bends in solos with their guitar going out of tune?

thats the real question.
Yeah, it simply comes down to gear that can take it.
I'm currently learning a solo that I have to bend quite a bit in, and I redo it again and again, and I rarely need to re-tune.
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...guitars go out of tune from doing bends?

I have never experienced this, and I'm like, the bend master.
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how do guitarists play like 15 bends in solos with their guitar going out of tune?

thats the real question.

id like to know how to do that
If it's going out of tune I would check a couple things first:

1. Are the strings in decent shape? Old, crusty, and rusty strings do funny things.
2. Is the nut lubricated? Even if you don't have a trem you need it to be lubricated a little bit to prevent binding when tuning up. If it binds, when you bend you're putting increased tension on the string and can jar it loose and then out of tune. The good news here is that simple graphite (read: #2 pencil lead) will work just fine. You can do the same to the saddles and string trees if there are any.

After those two things I guess I would start worrying about whether the tuners themselves are junk.
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locking nut, locking trem. and if your tuning pegs are slipping, then you could probably replace them.
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Yeah and don't underestimate how well a guitar is put together either - if the neck is fitted snugly it'll hold its tuning far better than a guitar that feels like its been cobbled together from spare parts
Quote by Sanitarium91
how do guitarists play like 15 bends in solos with their guitar going out of tune?
thats the real question.

usually guitars go flat when they're out of tune. in that case, avoid the open strings (play the corresponding note on the previous string) and bend every note up just enough to compensate so that its in tune.
Those saying "Locking trem" etc are wrong, my carvin doesn't go out of tune. . .well ever (except for tose very slight occasions where it's barely out) and they don't even have great tuners, just regular ol' carvin ones.

I suppose it's just decent tuners, bridge and strings put on properly.
as long as your strings are worn in you should be able to bend into infinity without going out of tune. That is of course, as long as your guitar is in good shape.
If you set your guitar up properly there's no reason for it to go out of tune.

Wrap your stings correctly, stretch them properly, and if you have a trem balance it(this goes for strat style trems too, not only double locking trems.) Make sure the slots on the nut are well lubed. And if you invest in locking tuners it'll help even more.
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Sure... Dave Gilmore solos have tons of bends.... I'm sure that there are some that have way more than 15 bends. His Strat stays in tune.... good gear and good technique.
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Often, because they're pros - you'll assume that their guitar hasn't gone out of tune when it has.

Nah, good gear. Locking tuners are pretty popular these days. Locking trems too. The method you use to re-string can also have a great effect. When I was a lot younger I use to give my strings way to many wraps which meant I'd send my tuning out just by bending half a tone.
Good guitars, basically.

Not only locking tuners, but vintage style tuners are also very effective... I'm guessing TS has a low-quality guitar if it goes out of tone that much. I bend on my Fender all day long and only retune it once a day.
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I think he is talking about people like SRV, whom would bend one string till it hit pitch and then it remains in tune.

That just has to do with new strings put on and broken in, oiled nut and all moving parts on the bridge, and a nicely set up neck.

Edit: Jimi Hendrix's guitar went out of tune quite a lot when he did his bends, but he just simply tuned up while singin
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