Hey guys, i posted this in the other guitar effect section, and was told to maybe try here. So here is the post:

Hey guys, I'm in a predicament here, have been trying forever to fix this thing, and been all over the internet looking for people who had the same problem with this pedal, but everyone gives it a 10/10 for reliability.

Here is the problem, A Couple weeks ago, i bought a BOSS Metal Zone MT-2 from Guitar Center. It was their last one. I brought it home, it worked for a few days. I woke up, went to play guitar (i make sure and unplug and turn everything off at night) and i turned on my amp. I got the clean sound, and then turned on the pedal, and the sound stopped, as if nothing was plugged in, i thought something disconnected. I turned off the pedal and the sound went back to my clean tone, perfectly though the amp. So i figured it was the pedal and the volume was down, so for around an hour i worked with the pedal knobs, and my amp levels to no avail. It just stopped working so i returned it to Guitar Center and had to order one off line. A Boss pedal has never let me down before, so i thought it was a fluke.

My order from online comes in a box, brand new, pedal smells new, wrapped up and all that. Plug it in, and it does the same thing. I put my ears up to the amp and here a tiny tiny bit of distortion or fuzz or feedback through the amp that i don't here when the pedal was off. I just didn't get it, everyone said these pedals are reliable and that noone has had a problem with them. So i spend an hour messing with it, take it to my bro's bass amp in a different room, and work it with no other pedals, just the amp, to the metal zone, to my guitar, and it just doesn't work. I mess with the battery (even though it was n ew) plugged it in to a 9V power adapter that i have for all my 16 pedals (i know i have a lot, and not one has not worked) it just isn't working. When it is off everything is good, when i turn it on, no sound goes through at all, even with every volume knob on my amp turned to max, and on the pedal turned to max. The pedal just doesn't work, and i don't get it. 2 pedals don't just do that.

Anyway, i know it is a long post, and i spent a long tim eon the internet looking for answers but noone had a problem with it. Boss help line is closed on weekends, and it was my B-day recently and the pedal was part of the new board my dad made and it isn't workin' again.

If anyone has had this problem with this or any other pedal, please help. I really don't want to have to ship this back and get another new pedal, i'm thinkin' something with the wireless stuff in the room make the pedal malfunction, or somethin' i am missing, that was on with the first pedal for the first couple of days before it just stopped working.

Anyway, help is appreciated. Sorry about the long post. It is a great pedal when it works, it just sucks now.

If you need a better description or to ask questions just say so. Thanks.

People said maybe a fuse or somethin' happened, and they might be right. but i just find it weird that it happened to 2 brand new pedals in a row. Really have no idea what the problem could be. Any help would be appreciated, specially if it has happened to you before. Thanks.
Seriously, like I said in your last thread, check your leads and input jacks on the guitar and amp, they are most likely the problem
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Alright bro, then i'm gonna need some help, first off though.

1. I tried it on a different amp.
2. I tried it with a different guitar.
3. I tried it on a different amp with a different guitar.
4. All my other 12 Boss pedals and 3 Wah's work on this amp with this guitar.
5. I tried it without the other pedals there with a different amp and a different guitar.
6. I tried it with different cables also, but my main cables work with my pedals.

But i'm gonna need help, how would i check my leads and input jacks on my amp and guitar?
whoever said it was a fuse is a idiot. the mt2 does not have a fuse.

its works bypassed right? thats wierd becuase its a buffered pedal so if it isnt going to work, it usually wont work at all. can you see if there is a wire loose on the inside? does the LED light?
^ yea the LED does light. nothing sounds like it is loose inside at all.

and by bypassed are you talkin' about when the pedal is off the sound still goes through to my guitar? yea it does, only when i turn on the pedal which is plugged into power, and the light turns on, that is when the sound turns off. I've messed with every knob on the MT and my amp, even changed amps, guitars, cables, and switched to a different channel on my amp.

I will probably end up returning it, but i just find it weird that i have the same problem with the same new pedals twice in a row, and nobody i know who has the pedal has ever had a problem with it.
check the volume on the pedal and the battery..
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what kind of pedal power supply are you using? brand? do you have a multimeter?
i have the same pedal, and i have never had any problems. try switching the order of the pedals around. i had a similar problem with a korg multi effect pedal, i had it plugged in with my wah and a distortion, and when i turned the pedal on, it stopped working all together, so try switching up the order, cause you might have fried something on the inside. and send a personal letter to boss telling them your setup, and if its compatible
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^ thanks, that is the only explanation really.

1. I tried it on a different amp.
2. I tried it with a different guitar.
3. I tried it on a different amp with a different guitar.
4. All my other 12 Boss pedals and 3 Wah's work on this amp with this guitar.
5. I tried it without the other pedals there with a different amp and a different guitar.
6. I tried it with different cables also, but my main cables work with my pedals.
7. Tried using the 9v battery it came with
8. tried using a different 9v battery
9. Tried plugging it in w/ both batteries
10. tried plugging it in w/o batteries

only thing i'm concerned about reed, is that i've switched amps and cables, going amp, to MT-2 pedal, to guitar, no other pedals or anything, and tried that with 2 different guitars, and 2 different amps, and with all the 10 things i listed above. So idk if just switching the order would work.

But i think you are on to something about my pedal order not workin' and it frying something, i think that is what happened, cuz it happened to 2 pedals, the first one actually worked at the beginning, once it is fried though, i don't think there is anything i can do to fix it, but i will return it for a new one, and change my order, hopefully that works.

Thanks you all very much, again, if anyone has any info on anything close let me know, and what you did, or if it happened to any boss pedal you have. thanks.

check the volume on the pedal and the battery..

heh, yea, tried. At one point i put my amp channel 1 and 2 volumes at 10 (max) and had every single knob on the MT-2 to max, i heard noise comin' from the amp, and slightly heard the notes playing through, but to no avail, i think that means it is fried!

what kind of pedal power supply are you using? brand? do you have a multimeter?

BOSS AC Adapter PSA-120T in the black and yellow box. It is the one i use for all my pedals that works flawlessly.
OK, Amp - Fender FM 212R (it has a footswitch, PRE OUT and PWR IN inputs i don't use, idk if i should, no idea what they are)

From the amp goes into a BOSS DD-6 Delay then to BOSS Digital Reverb RV-5 then to a BOSS Noise Supresser NS-2. From the send jack from my noise supresser i go to a BOSS Dynamic Wah AW-3 (auto wah) to a BOSS Super Shifter PS-5 to a BOSS Super Chorus CH-1 to a BOSS Compression Sustainer CS-3 to a BOSS Equalizer GE-7 to a BOSS Super Overdrive SD-1 to a BOSS Distortion DS-1 to a BOSS distortion DS-2 to THE BOSS METAL ZONE to my BOSS Blues Driver BD-2 to my Dunlop Crybaby Wah to my Ibanez` WH-10 to myDigitech JHE then that wraps around into the return jack in my noise supresser. The input jack of my noise supresser is where i connect my guitar in.

BOSS DD-6 >> BOSS RV-5 (Reverb) >> BOSS NS-2 (noise supresser output) >> BOSS AW-3 (auto wah from the Noise supresser send jack) >> BOSS PS-5 (Super Shifter) >> BOSS CH-1 (chorus) >> BOSS CS-3 (Comp. Sustainer) >> BOSS GE-7 (EQ) >> BOSS SD-1 (Overdrive) >> BOSS DS-1 >> BOSS DS-2 >> BOSS MT-2 METAL ZONE >> BOSS BD-2 (Blues) >> Crybaby >> WH-10 Wah >> DIGITECH JHE (Jimi Hendrix Experience Expression pedal) >> BOSS NS-2 (Noise Supresser Return Jack)

that is my setup, i know it is hard to understand, but yea. I think the setup is what made the MT-2 short curcuit, and if i get another one, i don't want it to happen for the 3rd time, so any advice or warnings feel free to say!

Thanks anyway, for everything fellas!
Hello, I had the same problem with mine, I had it replaced 3 times, then I figured out it was me that was cooking them, It is the multi unit power supply, IF I plugged in the MT-2 first, and then plugged in another pedal(power surge??), mine would fail and only pass a clean signal(slight attenuation). So to fix the problem I: A- bought a line 6 uber metal pedal, B-bought a dedicated boss power supply ONLY for the metal zone. Honestly I like the pedal, but if I could, I would get something else as it is a bit delicate, and I only use it at home as I expect it will let me down.
^ wow dude, amazing info. THANK you sooo much. You are awesome, it makes sense, it sounded like somethin' fried in there.

cool, i will look into another pedal, or getting its own power supply, thank you!
lol you're a proper FX junkie i wish i had that many pedals! i just don't have the budget
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^thanks for the props bro. I had lots of money saved up for a while, and with a job i was able to finish up my board in a lil over a year.

As soon as i replace my MT-2 with one that works, i will be replacing my DS-1 because i have so many distortions and overdrives i could get any sound i want, and i'm gonna get a Phase Shifter as my final pedal.