Well i did have a new guitar all decided but now they have stopped stocking that model, so im out of luck.
I want a guitar with:
Fixed Bridge
Fast neck
24 fret prefered
Not too bothered about neck join, but i would prefer set / neck thru
Pickups and tuning pegs will most likely be replaced, unless it has good standard ones.
Under £1000

I was looking into the LTD EX-400, but can you name some others
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personally i like schecters period..
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Paul gilberts sig has a fixed bridge, although im not sure of the name(ibanez)
i just got a schecters C-1 Classic...its got to be the best ive played. im not kidding or being biased, i got an ibanez and the bridge came in already messed up so i had to send it back. got this guitar in and i couldn't be happier. SD JB in the bridge and SD 59' in the neck. thin neck, neck through, 24 frets. ive played the sh.it out of it and it wont go out of tune. some kind of tonepro locking bridge or something. and its a string through body.
Yeah i have looking into the C-1 but there is nowhere i can try it.

And i have also looked at the Paul sig but i preferably wanted a guitar with no single pickups
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Ibanez RGA121 + Pickup Swap?

ESP Eclipse / LTD EC-1000?

Jackson SLSMG?
Yeah i have seen all those before, the problem is there is no big music shops where i live so i cant try them
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Quote by Shabalaba
Yeah i have seen all those before, the problem is there is no big music shops where i live so i cant try them

So essentially, it will be extremely hard to recommend anything unless you can try it? You could possibly go for Legra (PM dave_mc about it) which is a custom shop guitar.
I know what you mean but none of those guitar really do it for me, i think that is what it mainly is
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Schecter C1 Classic or maybe a Plus or whatever they're called will probably be good for you.
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