Me Any My Dad Were Thinking About Building A Guitar Right?
So I Suggested The Idea Of Buying An Epiphone Les Paul Junior And Salvaging It For Parts.

Good Idea?
Any Suggestions?

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I don't think you should bother. The wood on that thing will be cheap, as will all the hardware. There'd be nothing worth salvaging if you want the guitar you're going to build with your dad to be good and last a long time. I recommend you do buy a neck though as making one is extremely difficult. Good luck.
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Good Idea?
It depends on what you plan to do, and the neck on the LPjr.

The usefulness of the parts on the LPjr:

Bridge - decent.
Pickup - decent.
Controls - decent.
Output jack - p.o.s. don't even think about reusing that.
Nut - p.o.s. made of plastic and too soft. you'll need to buy a nut.
Tuners. - just adequate. they look a little cheap, but they work ok.

That brings us to the neck.
I wanted to buy 2 of them to hack up for experimentation.
I looked at 8 of them at GC.
The necks were mostly bad.
A couple of them could be described as rollercoasters, they were so bad.
One of them was pretty good.
The next best one was almost good.
I only bought one.

So if you want to build a guitar around an LPjr neck,
you might get lucky and find one that's straight.
Otherwise, you probably shouldn't do it.
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