this is like, my first post but meh:P

ok.. i'm looking for a new guitar.... i want a decent guitar but it can't look anything like a strat.... don't like strats... it needs to sound awesome and i want it to come with a floyd rose tremelo bar.... my price range is from around $300-$600...

any ideas?
what sort of music you play?
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jackson or kramer, and ibanez is good too.
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Well, that really narrows the choices down. Do you know how many guitars look like Strats? Way too many to count. And most of the guitars that I've seen that come with FRs also look like Strats, except maybe a few.

You're not really helping out at all. There are a lot of guitars that sound "awesome", and many that don't, so what kind of things are you looking for in a guitar besides it not being strat-shaped, sounding awesome, within $300-600 and having an FR...
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jaisnt there a type of jackson rr shape? im sure theres a licensed floyd rose on that
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alright.... i know... i was kinda picky

i don't mind strats that much...

i dont really perform... its just a hobbie and i need something that can play anything and not sound or feel like crap
if you can raise your budget 100 bucks go with a schecter hellraiser FR i highly reccomend it
Well i like the Ibanez RG5EX1 sounds great and one of the fastest necks i've ever played. cheap too.
you cant really go wrong with a Les Paul, it works in just about every genre of Rock and if you get an Epiphone you can easily get a perfectly decent one in that price range. i have a Epi Les Paul Special II and it was like £150 used (i think i got X-cr gypsied though) and i have an Epi Les Paul Custom that we got used for £200 but in the states i've seen them new for around $500-ish.
i agree...
but i have a les paul... not a gibson or epiphone.... it's an old Harmony les paul copy.... and i bought it used and the dealer said because it's old, i can't tune it down to drop d or drop c... thats one of the reasons why i want a new one
hellraiser is 700

oh wait nvrmind ist 800

either way if you ditch the trem you can get one for 650 and it is an AMAZING guitar
the les paul is my favourite guitar... i just dont wanna get another one.... unless i can find one cheap with a FR on it,
Quote by conquistador
if you can raise your budget 100 bucks go with a schecter hellraiser FR i highly reccomend it

its an 800 dollar guitar
but soooooooo worth the money
how about an ESP LTD mh-400?
i think epiphone has a les paul with a fr on it
ill look for a link, yeah its only 500

and here is a link for the ESP if you decide to not mind strat shapes for the extra 100 dollars
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