I have a red des lauriers guitar and I cant find any info about it anywhere. I'm really cruious it because its a really good guitar and I've had it forever. If you know anything about des lauriers guitars, please share the info!
I have 5 different Des Lauriers electrics, a soprano ukulele and a baritone ukulele. I don't really know too much about the brand other than they only made guitars for either three or ten years before going out of business. The earliest instruments they made were in the Matsumoku factory in Japan, and then production moved to Korea. Apparently the company shut down because the cost was too high to build the instruments compared with what they were selling them for. Sort of an instant rare collectible guitar. Not too many people know about these guitars yet because it is one of the most rare brands out there. And they play and sound amazing! The electric guitars have 7/8 size bodies/scale, so they play smooth and fast while being light, loud and full.
thats sick! haha i feel special, I got it at a pawn shop for 100$ (canadien). thanks for the info, ive been hunting forever!
Hell yeah. $100 is cheap for one of these. I paid $350 (US) for the cheapest one, and it was also in the worst condition of them all.
Hell hell hell yeah.
Finally something about theese guitars, written years ago but still something.
If anybody has information about this guitar id appreciate it.
I have a red Des Lauriers electric guitar since i was 12, that means almost 12 years ago.
Sounds great, has a single hambucker but it sounds as well as a les paul (compared on the same marshall 100W).
I had to rebuild the frets and change the tuners, but the rest is a i found it 12 years ago.
It had been used by two other people before me, the paint is quite mistreated but when you play it it seems to play by itself, very fast, smooth, short neck, absolutely beautiful.
But i still don't know where it came from.
If anybody knows anything, poderlengua@gmail.com
In '83 I bought my very 1st electric guitar. It was a red Des Laurier's. It came with a lil' red Rascal brand amp & a red & white lightning bolt design guitar strap all for around $75.00 at the local guitar shop.
Man, I loved that axe. It sounded great & looked great too! I had it for about 3 yrs & then switched to bass guitar. But, lately I've been playing a bit of rhythm guitar again & would love to get my hands on another Des Laurier's. But, it seems to be nearly impossible to find one of those guitars in new condition. I can barely find any info at all about that guitar company anywhere on the net. I never should've gotten rid of my old Des Laurier's.
Cool Story, Bro. Was it worth the necropost?

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