Hi, i was wondering if somone could tell me what model this Gibson is, i know it from the late 50's early 60's. also how much would this be worth?

One on the far right!

Hmm you should go and ask at a music store.
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I'm going to take an educated guess and say, B-15?
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The B-15s I've seen have had square bridges and more narrow, boxy headstocks. I think it was designed as a more economy model.

Yours is a really nice looking guitar, I really dig old small-bodied Gibsons. Not sure on the model, but it would be worth a decent amount of money to the right person. Not quite a pre-war round shoulder dreadnought, but still worth a bit.
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Saw the same one of these in a Guitar Center. It was in FAR worse condition than yours and was going for $3000.
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it is infact a b15. not worth 3000 dollars though. Not related to this auction but this one sold for a little over 600. http://cgi.ebay.com/GIBSON-B-15-NATURAL-CIRCA-1968_W0QQitemZ160200866336QQihZ006QQcategoryZ33025QQcmdZViewItem

There are a LOT of differences between that guitar and the guitar the topic creator has. I think you're mistaken, though I don't know too much about Gibbies, specially vintage ones. Still, it would have gone under major changes from year to year.
Thanks for the replies guys, but i dont think its that one ghostmouse859 thought since mine is a lot older than '68.
Someone tell if if I'm wrong but I think this is a 1959 Gibson J-45 J45 Acoustic Dreadnought
do you have a serial and FON number?

and no this wouldn't be a j-45 because it isn't sunburst. it might be a j-50 though. can you take a good picture or describe the binding in detail?
It looks a little bit smaller than a dreadnought, so I wouldn't say a J-45 or J-50.

I do agree with the earlier than 60s thing, though. Maybe a mid-to-late 50s.
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you'll find 'em both
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^-- i was having trouble deciding about the size of it myself. i get different impressions from the two pictures. some measurements would be useful.