i was wondering: lately i have lowered the action drastically (by adjusting truss rod and bridge height) now when i play in lower tunings like drop c, c standard , you name it, the string are sometimes buzzing on the frets but on the amp i cant notice any difference. what is your oppinion : is the low action worth the buzzing ?
Just get higher gauge strings and go from there. The added tension will keep the strings from vibrating in bigger circles.
That, and just don't playin drop C. It's not necessary to tune your guitar that low.
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i have 11" strings. an yeah youre right i dont like them best that low , i like them better even lower (drop b and a#) ^^
Quote by cashewchaching
That, and just don't playin drop C. It's not necessary to tune your guitar that low.

It also isn't necessary to put effects on your guitar, but people do it.

It's called different styles.
"Oh no, not music that sounds different!"
Who'd want that?

It's not just modern metal bands that use it either. If you look at "Supernaut" by Black Sabbath, I believe you'll find it's one and a half steps down, which is even lower than drop C.

So stop being a douche, or you may just find you just claimed to be musically greater than a band like Sabbath.
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i gotta agree, lower tunings are a great device of making your music sound different. despite that, in metal you will need such low notes to fit to the growls (low vocals) if existent
Get some DR jeff healey guage strings. I use them on my guitar in drop c, and It doesnt buzz that much. You are going to have to deal with some buzz if you want low action, though. The lowest that the treble side should ever be is where its not hard to get a dime to slide between the string and the 12th fret. It should cause the string to 'jump' a little, but nothing more- you shouldnt be able to move the string with the coin. I like the bass strings a bit higher, so I do the same test, but using a nickel. I think it provides the best compromize between action and buzz.
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If the buzzing isn't actually audible in the final sound coming from the amp, then I'm okay with it. Ultimately, that's my rule for everything; so long as the final sound is good, put up with anything else and do whatever it takes to get that sound.

As it so happens though, I hate having low action regardless. Higher action tightens up your playing dramatically and gives you cleaner cut-off and sprint with tapping/hammer-ons/pull-offs/bending/slides/etc. In fact it helps with almost every technique you can name, both with tonal clarity and sheer ease. On the other hand I am not aware of a single player, either amateur or professional, who has low action and doesn't play sloppily.