i was wondering if anyone has used any of the speed kills dvd series by michael angelo batio and if they were really as helpful as they claim, cause i was thinking about getting one of them

p.s. i hope this is in the right forum i wasn't sure which one to put this thread in
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lol i was thinking that as well. In youtube some guys have posted clips of that DVD. Looks good but..........
^ True i have watched both vids (Speed Kills and Rock Discipline) and Rock Discipline is waaay better , i only remember that speed kills had incredibly hard practices it felt like my hand was burning. But with Rock Discipline i actually got better and learned something! best guitar dvd lesson out there
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I've never used speed kills, but rock discipline's awesome.

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i got intense rock complete the other day its really good in the first 10 mins of video i felt myself improve. lol
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