how would one go about attempting to make anything that sounds like bodom... like what scales do they use...
That's the ting about musicians, they don't use just one scale, they vary their craft so as to not pigeon hole themselves into one sound.
Demolition hands.... Got 'em!
Straighten your peroxide blonde hair and paint your nails black; being very moody also helps

However one thing that Laiho does is to really explore how you can create melodies from some odd scales and keys etc; and a strong sense of rhythm is really necessary to keep it sounding in with the rest of the band, if that was out CoB would seriously sound poor

As said below, he really does know his stuff
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Actually Laiho really knows his theory. If you want to play like bodom, try learning their songs first. Then start analyzing their stuff deeper and try figuring out small licks that sound somewhat like they would come up with.