My friend recently got me a Furman SPB-8 pedalboard. My friend was under the impression it could allow for true bypass for the guitar pedals (which is what he said the guy at guitar center told him). However when I went to ask about this, the guy at guitar center said no that won't do that. I saw that voodoolab has the pedal switcher which would allow for true bypass for the pedals. When talking to the guy at Sam Ash, I was told a few simble a/b switches would allow for bypass on my Furman pedalboard. So what is the best option here? Thanks.
Personally, I would use two a/b switches, like this:

A/B-->Pedal Board
Bump does anyone else got any other opinions? Should I keep the pedalboard then?
Thanks everyone I kept the pedalboard and it works perfectly! Actually I've pretty much already filled it. Guess it's time to get another?