So, my guitar stopped working completly. It started off about a month ago. For Christmas i got a Hot Rail installed in my Strat and it worked fine but then my volume knob started not working. It would cut out and i would have to bump it and then it would turn back on. About a week ago i would have to stop playing for about 30 minutes and then it would work again. I was at band practice yesterday and it just stopped working completly. I would twist the volume knob as much as it would go and nothing would work. I look the pickguard off to see if there were any loose wires. All of them were soldered solidly and all attached.

I have no idea what to do with my guitar now.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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so take it to a guitar tech...
bring in to a shop let them work on it. Well it depends what it's worth.
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honestly, i think it was the guitar tech. Every time i go into the shop they try and get as much money out of me as possible. I went in to get the pickup installed and they said "we need to cut the guitar to make it fit. It will cost you an extra 25 dollars"
i said the packaging said "no modifcation is required"
it fit just fine.

so honestly, i think they just screwed with it so i would have to come back.

does anyone know if guitar center does repairs?
i wanted guitar center to put a pick up in for me. they wanted 85 dollars for one pick up installation.
well that is incredibly overprice. Dietze did mine for 35, but then again, i think they messed up my wiring as well.
im not really wanting to put any more money into my guitar though.
Im getting a Les Paul Standard at the end of this week.
If their tech botched the wiring, they should fix it for free.
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I guess i can go in and atleast see if theyll fix it for free. They'll somehow figure out a way to blame it on me or something. I could really care less if it got fixed, i just want to know what is wrong with it.