Ok so i had this amp for a while and it worked fine. It is very old it is an original Fender Super Reverb, it is very similar to the Twin Reverb. Then one day i notice that the Reverb is causing a hissing sound and as i turn the reverb up it increases. So i stopped using the reverb as it didnt effect me much. Then a few months later the fuse blows and one of the tubes gets blown. It seemed like the socket for one of the tubes had melted previously and this caused it to melt a little more. Now im not sure if this is one circuit problem or two different problems involving the reverb and the tube. My first question is, can tube sockets be replaced, if so how do i go about doing it and are there different types. 2. How much would it cost me to take this to some type of shop to get diagnosed etc etc.
I'd say call a tech and ask. You've obviously got some issues with the amp, and otherwise it's just going to continue, and probably get worse. i've had mine 100% completely re-capped and the tubes have been all replaced over the past 5 years. New power tubes last year.

Worth every penny.
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The power tube sockets have been replaced in my amp (was already done when I bought it), and I just recently replaced all electrolytic caps. The area around the power tubes is very dark, so there a good chance that the same has happened to my amp. The newer sockets are ceramic, instead of bakelite.

So, replace the sockets and the caps. There may still be other problems, but leave that to the tech.
To a tech definitely. I think its a tube driven reverb, so a bad tube may have started the problem. Its obviously spread and a retube and recap is needed. Those old Bakelite sockets oxidize and deteriorate over time, so new also. Transformer needs checked. This may be a really good link for you:
well i had put new tubes and it still happened so i dont think it was the tubes. Can anyone give me a price range for something like this?