So everyday when I practice I notice a repeating pattern.First i start to warm up then I play this song, then that song, but I always end up noodling around and to be quite honest with you It sounds terrible and it gets me nowhere.Ive decided that if I learn theory I could incorporate it into my noodling and bass lines.I need to learn some chords for bass and theory but i dont know where to start.Any Ideas?
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well technically all music theory is the same. i would say learn scales and how to build chords. that would probably be the best place to start. also knowing all the notes on the neck is a huge help.
I would first learn the major scale, a major and minor arpeggio and the minor pentatonic scale.

Tbh, most rock music is based around these few things.

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Learn your chords and how their constructed. Learn your arpeggios, and their shapes and how they relate to those chords.

Learn your scales and how they relate to the songs you're playing. It will give you more insight into your playing and your improvisation.
Learning scales and the relationship of notes within a chord is a good place to start.
There's lots of material available. You should be able to find a cheap bass instruction book with information on the subject.
check out the lessons on this site. The Crusade is a particularly good series, but there's tons of em.
seach before you post. There has been several good lessons on chords and intervals, and a few decent one on certain scales.
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to make noodling not terrible stay in one key, and use lotsa roots, thirds, fifths, and octaves.
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