Hey we just had our first show at a local battle of the bands friday night. It went really well actually. Just wanted to know what you guys thought. Im the guitarist on the far right in black. I was pretty nervous im not gonna lie but I tried not to show it. Sound quality isnt great since it was taken with a digital camera.

I enjoyed that. You guys did good.
Do you use a BR-600?
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Seriously, if you came to Minnesota, I'd definitely spread the word. You remind me of Staind in some way, but fortunately, have a unique sound that I can't put my finger on. Awesome, keep it up!
i bet that was a cool show, nice energy
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good stuff
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not to shabby guys. I like the live video over what you have in your music player. Alot more energy

yeah for sure.

The good. You guys rocked it out....energy, passion etc. You should be very proud of the performance!!!

The bad. Sounds just like all the local bands I saw this weekend and Im in a town of 65000 people....Its like theres this book with general sounds of the genre and artist pull all there ideas out of that same book. Whats it take to sound unique these days though? Heck if I know. Ive tried that path but its hard to get fellow musicians into your head to extract exactly what you want lol. Now I just play a kinda punk-metal thing lol.

You guys may or may not have aspirations beyond playing local and some surrounding states and I would think you would have a great time.

Again super great performance.....BTW DId you guys win????