I have a Line 6 Echo Park Delay Pedal, that I power with the Line 6 ToneCore DC-1 Power Adapter, but I'd like to power my other pedals with the 1SPOT Adapter + daisy chain.

Would the 1SPOT be compatible with the Line 6? It has a list of adapters that it's guaranteed to be compatible with, and I don't see the Line 6 on the list.

Does anyone have a Line 6 ToneCore pedal that's powered by the 1SPOT?

Thanks in advance.
Depends on how many V's your other pedals are. If they need 9V to power them, then it should work. if they need more, well then no.
They would all be 9V pedals, but I have heard the Line 6 pedals don't work with all the power supplies, and wanted to know if anyone has tried using the 1SPOT adapter with a ToneCore pedal.