how do you connect on there...I just got it installed(The basic one) and it keeps saying that its trying to connect and i wont get much search results(none for me actually) but it works fine on my dads computer....what am i doing wrong..im a n00b at it
Thats happened to me before. I've just been too lazy to download music lately unless I NEED it. Use torrents..
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To to file and select disconnect. Wait a few seconds then go back to file and this time select connect. It worked for me but I'm not so sure.
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get frostwire: limewire minus the bullshit.
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I'm in the exact same situation as you are except I`ve had limewire for a while. I'm going to go try disconnecting and reconnecting as soon as possible.

How'd you get it working anyways?
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Stealing is wrong, mkay?

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