I currently have a squire bullet made from "mystery" plywood and im really looking for a higher quality guitar. My price range is around $100 so nothing too expensive. ive glanced at this guitar LINK once or twice is it any good or is there something better? Or should i be looking for a new amp? i dont really have a direction to go so im turning to UG forums for help. Also please none of the "that amp/guitar that guy suggested sucks balls!"
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I wouldn't get a new amp or guitar with just $100. Save up and get something worthwhile.
save up more money, $100 will only get you another squier made of "mystery" plywood
dude $100 is nuthin when ur buyin a new guitar u need about $500 to get a halfway decent one
the Dean Z,X, or ML at $200 is miles better
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alright thanks but what about a distortion box? i dont want to spend $50 on one either any suggestion?
yea the Ds-1 is great. TS you have to get used to spending money on gear though. good instruments are expensive
Would spending the hundo on a better pick up for the "mystery wood" make it any better? Just a thought...