So, I figured I needed an attenuator for my Peavey ValveKing 112 mostly so I can crank up the gain for the tubes and the volume. It sounds a lot better as the volume is cranked up, but it hurts my ears after i turn the volume knob halfway up! What attenuator would you suggest for this amp, and would a THD HotPlate 8 ohm work for my amp?
the hotplate would work but i would suggest a weber attenuator due to the fact that weber uses a "speaker motor" to lower the volume instead of a restrictive load thus keeping more of your tone. take a look at the site: http://www.tedweber.com/atten.htm

edit: you also gotta get one thats higher wattage than your amp or else youll blow it
too much to list

Soldering iron:15 dollars
Amp kit: 500 dollars
solder: 5 dollars
Burning the crap outta your fingers: priceless
So mine is a 50W amp, which out of those would you recommend?
100w one for a 50w amp, try the mass lite if ur on a budget
Attenuators are really great for recording and stuff like that, but watch out cause they'll use up tube life alot faster than playing without one.
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I Wanna know what you meant
Thanks for the heads up on that... kinda makes sense now that you say that. But yea, I might need one anyways, that thing gets freakin loud before it gets a decent gain.