im a huge fan of neoclassical metal (especially yngwie).

i just was wondering what qualitites makes a good neoclassical tone?

amp brands, effects, pickups, guitars, etc?

this is more for curiosity than to really go out and buy anything so list the godliest sounding equipment for neoclassical if you wish.
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First, it depends on the tone ur looking for, but Marshalls do good for me.

Second, effects... u should be good with reverb or delay

Third, Pickups, Neck pickup for deep feel, it also makes ur sweeps sound better, but u must master pinch hamonics if ur looking for good harmonics in the neck pick up, since it's harder to get them than the neck pickup.

Fourth, Guitars... this is totally optional, anything should work...

Lastly... the FEEL... as a fan of Necrophagist, I think it's usually best if u use a combination of minor melodic scales in conjunction with certain arpeggios that u can sweep to get that feel. Remember that minor scales besides the normal major/pentatonic scales should work... When u write a solo in this way, make sure u stick to the same key or progression and the scales should be closely inter-related. When u want to have a point of "relief" during ur solo, perhaps a major melodic interrupt should help... Also the harmonies should be close/interrelated, because it's wat gives the "zoning out" effect... Search up more on those kinds of solos, and learn some theory from pieces that were written by classical composers, and try to analyze them...
If you can get your hands on either
Either of those cranked would provide a great neoclassical tone.

As far as guitars, it differs.
If you're looking for a vinnie moore/yngwie tone, then a single coil.
otherwise, an ibanez or a lespaul would be good.
As far as pedals, i guess an overdrive, a delay, some reverb (if it isnt on your amp), and maybe a EQ, and possibly some compression

As far as equing, a lot of mids, and a lot of treble, while taking out much of the bass for some low end clarity, rather than getting the chug that you normally would with that amount of gain.
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thanks a lot guys, that clears that up a lot.

what about specific amps and pickups (other than marshalls?). specific pickup models that i guess are more trebly for the presence paul was talking about.
Schecter C-1 classic
Takamine GS330S
Roland microcube FTW!
This isn't really to do with tone but it does really affect your sound; before you start trying to play a million notes a second Yngwie-style; make sure you have a solid rhythm foundation; otherwise the music will be seriously lacking in drive and direction
1. Fender Stratocaster w/ scalloped fretboard
2. Marshall Plexi
3. Plug Strat into Plexi

Mix with classical scales and enjoy!
whats a scalloped fretboard?
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ahh thanx
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