ok, well ive been in a so called "dry spell" when it comes to making up riffs and such.
Usually i can make up a few good ones every practice or throughout the week. But as of latley, i cant make crap. What do you guys do in times like these?
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Just try to take a break from writing, maybe check out some different music for new ideas/influences.
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I normally try learn music that's the kind of music i want to be making. Eventually i get so pumped playing that, that i start coming up with my own stuff and it all works itself out.

But i no the feeling, it sucks balls. Good Luck to you sir.
Personally, I find the best thing is to go do something completely different for a while; have a couple of days of not even touching any instrument. I find with a short break, when I do go back to music, I can approve everything more calmly again, with fresh ideas and a more productive attitude.

For me, just sitting there trying to force myself into something never works, and only makes things worse. Getting away from it for a while and coming back fresh is the only way to keep me sane, really.