Hey, S&L, here's some lyrics for you. I haven't organized it, but meh.

Your time just might be running out
But there's no more frozen lakes to leave
All the icy thoughts you allowed

Running in the avenue
Melting under your shoes
You're not waiting for death
So jolt your sunken head
Into the blue

How many thoughts
Have not crossed
Into this weary pen
In the off chance of my old resolutions
Your young heart will soar
Until then, I can pretend
Oh, I will hope for
No more

So dream of your sunsets
Dream of you rain
Laugh alone again and again
At the hearts of men

The fickle object
Of you hopeless game
Won't be impressed
When you can't dive
Into plain sight

Where you're never lonely
And it comforts you
Never grows tired
Never too soon
i thought you already read the rules...

one post per day, two per six. missed that part, did we?

when birds flap their wings do the make believe they're really arms?