e -----------------------------09-09-09---09-09-09----|
B ------10---12-12-12-12-------10-10-10---10-10-10----|
G ------11---11-11-11-11-------11-11-11---11-11-11----|
D ------12---12-12-12-12------------------------------|
A ----------------------------------------------------|
D --0----------------------0--------------------------|

i'm willing to skip the 10/11/12 part and just focus on 12/11/12 -> 09/10/11 but can't seem to find a natural way of flowing them together. what fingers would you hold 12/11/12 to make the easiest transition?
The way i learned it was to play the 4th string open instead of fretted. Im pretty sure thats how he plays it and it sounds better with more droning going on. Just use your index for the 1st string and you'll get it.
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