I need a simple diagram, there just aren't any pre-made schematics

Anyways, is a 2 conductor humbucker and 2 single coils wired for 3 volume pots and one tone with a 3-way switch for the neck and bridge with the middle always on.

A diagram today would be best! thanks!
gimmie a few minutes and I'll draw one for you...


there you are.
dark grey dots= solder
the thing that looks like micky mouse's head= output jack

I added an on/off switch for the middle pup, as that's how I'd do it, personally. I just thought it'd be more convenient to flick a switch than to turn the volume down all the way to not have any middle pickup signal in the mix...
but you could easily take it out, just connect the wires that are shown soldered to the middle and right lugs of the switch in the diagram.
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