I think i'm losing my soul
And I, I know
That it's tough to grow old
It's so slow

I ran into you
Last night
Under my porch light
It was so bright

And if you ask me
I'll say that I do fine
And when you see her
Will you say that I got mine

I've been told to search for solace
In smoke and wine
But all I find is questions

I've been told to search for god
But I didn't know
That he was lost
God is love and hope
a few v good lines in there which kind of suprised me; "its tough to grow old, its so slow", "will you say that i got mine" (im taking that as a sexual reference) "but i didnt know he was lost"

its very hard to know what the music will be like; if you'll go for a slow accoustic country sound or a heavy metal anger. but interesting lyrics nonetheless

im on a bit of a downer and i think you just cheered me up

Hi I'm
Mr. JimBo R. Insane
yeah i already worte music to it it is a slow acoustic song although not country but thanks for the input and always happy to cheer someone up