I'm planning on getting this guitar, but I have some questions.

1)I heard the pickups suck, do they really? b/c I currently have an ESP f-50 with LH-100 humbuckers, and am hoping that the G-400 pickups will sound better.

2) Should I just go straight to just buying a regular G-400 which is $50 less. I don't think theres much of a difference,except that the 1966 model has a full-body pickguard.

my budget is $450, and I play classic rock, and a little bit of metal sometimes, and I plan to plug it through a Blackheart halfstack 15W (when it comes out in April)

GRR!! there was a 1966 G-400 on ebay for $240 close to new condition but didnt have the money
I have an epiphone g-400 and it sounds great, haven't really tried esp f-50 but if you plug yopur guitar into a decent amp it should sound great