Allo there... I'm The Rolling Bloke. I'm from a super bluesy town, and I'm influenced by one of its awesome funk bands, Heavy J and the Fantastics. Other people are the obvious ones - Hendrix, Les Paul, The Winters. Also newer stuff, like Nirvana and Fountains of Wayne. So I'm definitely not metal - not a fan of dissonance. But all those guys can keep doing their thing. It's cool. I'm more of an alternative/punk guy, I guess. People can be super fast on a guitar and do crazy arpeggios and stuff, but what's fun to listen to for just music's sake is stripped down guy with an acoustic guitar! I roughly follow stuff like that. But go! Find out what it sounds like for yourself!

Forkadelic Blakesan <- that things been staring me this whole time I've been typing! getting annoying ._.

P.S. Tell me what you think! Complete reason why I put it up (I myself don't know if it's good or not, really...)