I've owned this bass for about 2 months and have lost interest in it, plus I've been playing my fender a lot more then the LTD, so I'm looking to get another fender. The spalted maple looks bad ass on this one too! It's a swamp ash body, 34" scale, neck thru with string thru bridge. EMG active pickups with 3 band EQ. This is a KILLER bass for the money, hopefully someone else can enjoy more then I can. It's 10/10, it still has the fresh original strings on it. I paid $850 for the bass and another $100 for the ESP hardshell case. I would like to get $700 plus shipping for it.

Here's pics


Fender MIA Black/Maple Jazz 4 String
Ampeg B-40 4x10 Cab
Ampeg SVT3 Pro