My band is ticking along nicely, everyone i've spoken to either already things we're signed or thinks that we will be. We recently were offered a gig supporting one of my fave bands in London, which we accepted, obviously, as it was a great opportunity, despite not having costs covered. However, today, I get a phone call being told we can no longer do it as one of the members in the band has an interview that cannot have the date changed. Now, obviously, abit of a huge bummer, especially since I had cancelled 2 interviews just to do this gig...but i just accepted it with him and have tried to calm down since incase i'd say something i'd regret! Just wondering what people thought of this, is the problem that i view it as something potentially good whereas its only a hobby to him? Tell me your thoughts and solutions please....
Gee.... so much going on here.

First.... how old are you? This matters, because your age really dictates whether you can afford to (or afford not to) have other things to interfere with your music.... or vice versa.

What kind of interview is it where it will (presumably) interfere with a gig that happens later in the evening?

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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I freakin posted this in the wrong forum, bandleading please!

our average age would be 21. Its a teaching job. In me waking up this morning, i've calmed down immensley, its not his fault he has his head screwed on enough to realise that this is only a hobby, its not his fault my head is in the clouds.

Get a real job son.