i was just wondering what line 6 pod you thought was the best out of all the pods on the line right now?
pod 2.0
pod xt
pod x3
or pocket pod?
which is the best floor pod?
pod x3 live
pod xt pro
floor pod
floor pod plus

Fractal Axe FX
VHT 2/50/2
Orange 4x12
Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro

Ibanez RGA 121 w/ Crunchlab and Liquifire
Music Man John Petrucci Mystic Dream
ERG Custom Guitar
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depends on what you plan to use it for...

the live units are ok for live playing
the pocket pod is just for fun IMO
the desktop PODs are for recording
the rack mount PODS are for live use as well

If I had the money, I would go with the X3 Live even for studio use...
X3 live is easily the best POD, but its sound hasn't advanced much since the 2.0

vocal+bass tools, 2 simultanious rigs for guitar and foot pedal are what make it so good.


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I have a Pod XT Live and while it offers so much versatility, it's a mess when it comes to figuring out and navigating through it's effects. It's a beefy guy that's great but I always love simplicity a little more. I'm actually going to sell my XT and assemble a few pedals to my rig...for ease. I never stress to people enough that going to a local shop and actually trying everything out willl ALWAYS turn better results than listening to people ramble on about things online. Go try them all out and find one that's best for you...honestly, that's the best way you'll really find out.
Interesting... I use a Pod XT Live and find it very simple to navigate through and tweak effects, etc. It works equally great in the studio or live.

The new X3 is very cool, as well. I miss having XLR outs on the XT Live, but I'm not ready to upgrade yet. The XT Live is very quick, beefy (as Voodoo pointed out), and easy to use.