BYOC Wah vs Area 51 Vintage Italian Wah

My search has brought me to the above two options.... can anyone offer any comparison between the two? The BYOC offers an advantage price wise as for the same price of the bare bones Area 51, I can buy the BYOC pre-assembled with internal Gain, Bass, Mid, and Q pots and an output buffer built in. Anyone who has tried both wahs care to chime in?

On the Area 51 wah.... is the Growl Control just another name for a Gain Control?

Also.... if I DID go with the Area 51.... I would really only be able to afford ONE of either the 5 Way Range Selector OR the External Q Control

How do you guys feel about having the 5 Way Range Selector or Q Control on your wahs? I had a Crybaby 535 and never found the range selector to be that useful, I maybe used 2 settings on it and that's about it, then again, if the wah had sounded good to begin with maybe I wouldn't have needed the selector at all. I also found the selector a bit cumbersome too when storing it in the box. I'm a minimalist, so the fewer options I won't use the better.

If anyone could offer advice or opinions I'd love to hear them!!!

haven't tried the area 51 but i've built a wah using the BYOC circuitboard and whipple inductor.. I love it

1. Growl = gain, yes
2. it's fairly easy to have a range selector on the BYOC, not much work to do it yourself, or shouldn't be expensive to get it done . however, i do use 1 range cap most of the time.. it's just easier to find what u really like this way, or can be usefull if u also play a bass or like to de-tune .
3. it's even easier to change the trimpots to external pots.. for whatever control u like on the BYOC .
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