Icky Thump won Best Alternative Music Album over Neon Bible?!?!?! Icky Thump was pure ****, easily the worst album of The White Stripes' career whereas Arcade Fire's Neon Bible was innovative, charismatic and worldly. Obviously, The White Stripes have popularity but Arcade Fire has substance. Someone, please explain to me how exactly this is justified.

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its the grammies, dude.
Icky Mettle > Icky Thump

Although it's 15 years old.
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They both suck
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why do you care? you are setting yourself up to be excited that some guys won an award and you you are pissed because somebody else won the award? it isnt like if they win that award anything will change about your life. listen to their music, enjoy it.
The grammys also never gave an award to Led Zeppelin, easily one of the greatest rock acts of all time (hence their trying to make up for it with the Lifetime Acheivement award a couple years ago), you gotta relax. Yeah the Arcade Fire is full of poetic genius, but you gotta stick to the status quo when you're dealing with the grammys.
Sgt. Pepper's was the first rock and roll album to win a Grammy for Best Album. Granted, Neon Bible's nowhere close to Sgt. Pepper's, but still.
I saw an hour long special of the arcade fire live. They are absolutely wild. Banging drums on the ground, playing in the middle of the crowd. Looks like a great concert to see. Icky Thump winning is the least of my worries compared to some of the people who win these things. But hey, that's what's "popular" even if we/I/you don't like it.
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Icky Thump was definitely not the worst album of the Stripes' career. That'd be Get Behind Me Satan or Elephant. Mostly Elephant. Neon Bible was better though. There is already a thread on this.
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personally, I love icky thump.

I also completely ignore the grammys because I just don't care.
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first of all, the white stripes have never made an album that wasn't solid. second of all, you're pissed at the grammys over THIS, not all the other horrible things about it? just be glad your band got beaten by a good band like the white stripes and not some overly ****ty band that's only popular because preteens find the band members sexy.
hmm icky thump is a decent album but id say neon bible is a lot better i saw arcade fire play at big day out and they were pretty spectacular the guy with the bass drum climbd up onto the metal railing like 5 metres from the ground! and the violinist was quite purdy
I don't care about Arcade Fire.
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Put it this way. Plain White T's were (maybe just up for... I don't know if they won) awarded(?) Song of the Year. That goes to show you how much of a crock of **** it is. The fact that a song with 6 chords in total and NOTHING new/impressive could have been song of the year proves that the grammys are a joke.
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I am discouraged that Springsteen lost to Foo Fighters, though...
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