Is it worthy a purchase for a beginning guitarist? Anyone own one here?

Looking for a wide variety in music. Christian/ Rock/ Metal / Blues

Anyone suggestions? Need a great guitar for under 200$.
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Agile is the greatest guitar manufacturer out there! Why? because they produce decent guitars at great prices.
so yes, the al 2000 is a great guitar for the money, but if youve been learning for a while, i would recommend the 2500, as you can use that for a long time to come.
yeah i think it should be more than fine
mahogany body and flamed maple top
prolly need new pickups eventually but for a starter it will be fine
i especially like the grover tuners i have those in my main axe and they hold tune well

another nice one if you would want a different body style like a v or an explorer is the dean x series they come in different body styles and theyre only 200 bucks on musiciansfriend
look up the zx vx or mlx they are all pretty nice
... and guilty09 is a ****in' retard who gives advice with no explanation or reason. all of the reviews on the auction site are legit. and if you don't like it, send it back and kurt will replace it for freeeeeeeee!
sorry for the double post.
Thank you guys for the replies. I am really considering this guitar because it doesn't seem like anyone has any negative views on it. I suppose I will be getting this guitar. I am partial to the fender or gibson style of guitar. I don't like the flying v shape. Anymore suggestions please tell me.

They tend to be 10 lbs. Mine was. It was too heavy and unbalanced for seated play, for me anyway.
Other than that, a great guitar, mine was the 3100 slim neck btw.
Another alternative is guitarfetish.com. They have LP clones for about $200. I have one and really like it, cept they have no slim neck models.
So how bad is it really to be 10 pounds? It sounds so little but everyone says 10 pounds is alot. How long can one stand at a gig with a 10 pounder strapped to em? I will probably be standing for 15-25 minutes whenever I play.
Standing is not bad with wide strap. I meant that sitting, the thing wanted to slide off my leg, cause all the weight was at the base of the body and not in the middle.
One guy beveled the back of his 2500 and likes it for comfort. You could take a pound off that way.
If they start using lighter wood or would handpick a lighter one for me, I would get another slim neck 3100. The finish on my 3100 was so beautiful, I could not bring myself to use a power sander on it.
As a former AL-2000 owner I'd suggest moving up the range to a more luxurious model. You'll be happy you did later on.