My 5150 has acquired a bit of a problem recently.

Ok.. uh.. Imagine you're out for a walk on a REALLY windy day, and all you can hear is the wind rushing by your ears. Loud eh?
Now apply that to the sound coming out of my cab. I don't often turn the amp up above 2, except for gigs and even at my usual bedroom volume, about 1.5, it's ridiculously noisy.
Also, when I mic it up (same positioning, same settings and same volume as before the problem started) with my SM57 I get a really untameable fizz that was never there before.

I figure this is a problem with a tube or two gone bad. Is it more likely to be a preamp tube or power tube?

Also, I've read that you can take out a couple of the power tubes to reduce the head's wattage to 50, and thus get better tone at lower volumes, is there a specific one (or two) that has to be taken out, or can it be any of them? And would it cause any damage to the head?

And finally, if it IS a tube problem, recommend me some tubes? I've heard JJ's are good.
Dude I'm having the same thing and on my clean channel i get a distorted sound, like I'm playing one the overdrive with my volume on my guitar halfway down. It's happened twice both after I had played for about 30 minutes fairly loud on like 3-4. I'm pretty sure it's the tubes. Can someone comfirm if this is the tubes going bad?
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Damn... I just wrote out a somewhat lengthy reply to both of you guys and my internet connection went out as I hit 'Post Quick Reply.' Here's a very brief version.

Dream Pin - Before swapping tubes, check your speaker cable and instrument cables. My friend's 6505 was squealing louder and louder the more you turn up the post volume. After checking his stuff out, turned out to be a faulty speaker cable.

nate23 - Is it a fuzz-like sound on the clean channel? How old/new is your amp?
7 years old with stock tubes lol. I'm replacing them as soon as I get some cash I'm jobless right now lol. It's been sounding fine though for stock tubes that are that old and I really don't think the originally owner played it that much. I dunno really know alot about tubes. I think I'm gonna get the high gain kit from here https://ssl.eurotubes.com/cart/index.php?page=view_products&category_id=8&sub_category_id=41.
From what I've heard JJ's are supposed to be really good tubes.

Edit - Yeah, it's kind of a fuzz sound. It's done it the past couple of days when I have played on it, but not as soon as I turned it on. It will start doing it after about 30 minutes of playing.
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7 years old with stock tubes lol.

You found the problem yourself. JJ's are a great choice, I've got my Legacy loaded with JJ EL34's, which I'll be swapping with JJ 6L6's when it's time to change them. They'll add a bit more character and beef up my Legacy.