Hi, what is your opinions on this guitar? I love Strats, and have tried several MIM's and love them. But I also want a decent trem, and this one has a Floyd Rose. Is it any good? I do some moderately heavy whammy stuff, maybe not Alexi or Steve Vai heavy, a bit less. So just tell me what you think, thanks.
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i have played one befor and loved it. not as much as the strat witha khaler right next to it. but anyway it was still nice. I think that the strat with the Floyd will do fine for you as long as you have it set up and all.
Is the FR an original? For that price it can't be. But yeah, I'll definitely drop a SD Hot Rail, or some DiMarzio in the bridge. I'll go all Iron Maiden
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ew Why!!!!!?????
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I'd be all over that Floyd Strat like a fat kid on a box of Smarties if it had a 22 fret neck and maple fingerboard. I dunno if the Floyd is original is licensed. On the Fender site it just says Floyd Rose bridge so I'm guessing it is. OFR's aren't that expensive. Warmoth sells them for $180. A Fender Standard is roughly $400 right? this one is $500 so that seems about right because they'll have everything in bulk and get it cheaper.
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I own one. Been trying to sell it for a while coz it doesn't suit my style of playing anymore. But from what you say it sounds like this guitar would be great for you.

P.S. If anyone wants to buy mine....