Hey, I was thinking about purchasing a new guitar. The thing is, I can't decide if I want a 12 or 6 string guitar. Is it possible to use only six strings on a 12 string guitar if I needed to and play it like a 6 string? Then I could switch between 6 strings and 12 strings when I need to. Thanks.
twelve string is kind of a pain in the assholes, itd be even more of a pain to add 6 strings and take em off every two days. id just get a 6 string man.
If your not going to play the other 6 strings then there is no point in getting a 12 string.
My guess is that you would have to adjust the truss rod every time you switched between 6 & 12 or 12 & 6. The extra tension from the added 6 strings would change the bow of the neck. You would be better off have one of each.
Why would you only want to use 6 strings on a 12 string guitar? If you're gonna get a 12 string use all 12 of them, it's not like they're tuned differently or anything.
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