I need a multipurpose mic that can do great live with vocals and be excellent in the home studio also. I have about $100 to work with. I was thinking a Shure SM57 or SM58. Any thoughts?
An SM58 should work. A lot of people say it's more of a live vocals mic than for studios, but I like the sound, plus you screw the grille off and it becomes a 57.
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I find that SM57/58's aren't the best for studio vocals, but I've had a year and a half of working with them for vox before I got my AKG Perception 200, so I've gotten used to making them sound good.
I found that usually if you cut everything below 100hz (EVERYTHING), boost a couple of db in the 1k-5k range (listen for a sweet spot) and apply a high pass filter and cut about by about 5db from 16k upwards.
Just thought I'd tell you that before you sit there in front of Cubase for hours trying to make your vocals fit.
Also, make sure you use a pop-shield with it. You want to be able to get right up close to it so you don't have to stand 6 feet away, turn the gain up on your preamp loads then compress the **** out of your vocals. And yeah, even if you go for a 58, get a popshield.
It'll make a world of difference.