Hey this is from our second real gig. My bands name is Auropriority and this our original called Embers. It's about a friends house who burned down. You may recall our last video of this was kinda boring as there was little energy or stage presense because it was our first gig. Well i think this ones much different and im sure you'll agree. So please Crit!!! And add us on myspace. www.myspace.com/auropriority

crit plz,

not bad, u guys sound pretty good live. i listened to the recorded version too, and it was really good, loved the intro and solo, and good chorus. keep it up, looks like u guys have alot of fun on stage.
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The singer needs to move. He's not wearing lead shoes, is he?

The whole band looks very animated but the singer. With a little movement out of him, the performance will come off a lot stronger.

Everyone sounds pretty good. With more time playing together, you should be great.

Oh, and about the song, I like it. Nice tone, feels deep.
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Thanks guys, yea we gotta figure out how to break our singer out of the zone and get into it. Anyone else? i got an awful lot of plays and very few crits.....................
shouldnt the singer be in charge?
he should move also
its good otherwise
He looks really afraid to headbang during the heavy parts. Your guitarists and bassist seem to be really getting into it and like, just in the zone where nothing else but the song matters, and headbanging to the heavy parts as they please and putting extra in their strums as they get more into it. It's stuff like that people notice, and your vocalist doesn't seem to expressing any emotion apart from vocally.
Sure, it's natural to be nervous before gigs, but you just have to think "****it, I'm nervous as hell, but I'm going to bat**** ****ing insane" and people will respect you more for falling for doing something stupid because you're showing how much you're into it and giving an intense performance than if you just stand pretty still.
Well... is he old enough to have a drink or two before the show?

That generally loosens anyone up, and would help him get over an inhibitions he may have.

I know I'm afraid to jump out there, too... and a drink always helps my self-confidence. Of course, too many drinks and the talent goes right out the window!

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All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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also tough for the two on the right to move too much with the size of the stage. Ill agree with most that the singer should practice moving around when you guys are practicing so he'll be more comfortable on stage. Passion calms nerves better than anything. Sounded like there weren't any major hiccups either, good job.

Here's mine (not exactly the same style...): https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=784645

And add us on myspace!
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well the show that was filmed at was at youth center anyway, lol but uh hes 18 so legally, no

Gutted for being American.