Wow, alternative? Ok. Not at all what I had pictured when I was waiting for the song to cue up.

You guys would get a lot more time in with Rockabilly bands and the like. Very classic sound you have there.

The band is tight and rocking out for sure. Good job on it. The sound quality is pretty good, too. Nice work with the recording.

As far as the band name goes, it has to be "The Something Something" with that sound.

Like "The Fabulous Thunderbirds" (name already taken, of course)
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Yeah, we for sure like that classic sound... it's something that we are for sure into. But yeah, if anyone has any more suggestions, that would be tight. Band names especially. Thanks... keep listening!
...Do you realize that if we were in Germany Burgerville would be Burgerberg?
im loving that sound and agree with zeroyon on the fact that it would suit a rockabilly kind of outfit! (good call!)
NICE, i love that classic retro sound. some really cool riffs, and i love the solo. your vocals fit really with the song keep it up, u have a great sound.

could u check out my band
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