i have a boss ds-2 and it sounds horrible with it because the wylde wah has that tone dampening effect on it.

ive pretty much ruled out that anything boss sounds not to great with it.

does his sig overdrive work good with it?

maybe that's the whole scam. you buy his wah and the only thing that sounds good with it is his overdrive so you have to buy that too.

any suggestions?
Quote by papersun87
Honestly, I think the Zakk Wylde wah will make any tone sound bad. It's got to be one of the worst wah pedals I've ever played.

^^^lol , he speaks the truth!
I actually tried one of the cheapest wah pedals on the market (behringer lol), and preffered it over the ZW. The behringer actually has a calmer, very relaxing wah effect to it, kinda like a budda but minus much awesome. It just has some noise and tone sucking problems.
But as for overdrive recommendations, I've heard that the ZW overdrive is pretty good. Well, what amp do you use? I'd go for a nice transparent overdrive like an OCD maybe? Or if you're using it to boost your lead channel, get a tubescreamer.
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