I believe it's a 2002 model, I picked it up used for a decent price with dimarzios in it and I'm totally happy with it apart from this one thing.

It seems like the whole trem mechanism is sitting just a fraction low, as in towards the floor. So the strings aren't centered above the fretboard and if I'm playing fast stuff starting with a downstroke on the e string it can actually push the string over the edge of the frets. I can post a picture if needed but I think I explained myself well enough

Anyone know if I can manipulate the trem up or have it moved slightly?
pics please. it sounds like u need to loosen up the springs at the back. cant be sure til u get us some pics.
Ok here's pics of the fretboard so you can see how the strings aren't centered, and some of the trem itself, you can see the spacing on the bottom is a little less than on the top.

WOW. Don't see 1570's like that very often.

I'm going to say that either the locking nut was installed a hair off center, or the trem/neck pocket rout was poorly done. VERY very suprising on a Prestige Ibanez. I'd try to get my money back.
For getting the strings to center over the neck, loosen the neck screws (quite a lot), and push the neck over to the right side. It may not be possible to shift it in the neck pocket, but it's worth trying.
This is an easy fix. If you don't know how to do it go to a music store and say you got 15 bucks and to do it. They usually probably charge more than that but usually music stores will just take what you have if you dont have enough. Looks like the bridge isnt even and its to far on the high string side the screws in the back will adjust it. looks like you need to losen it just a little. A little goes a long way. If you do it to much it will be to much.
Not saying that is the def the problem but i know mine has done that before when I had the low string side up higher than the other side
Whoa I think I fixed it. I played with the trem screws in the back a LITTLE (was pretty much scared ****less...) but they didn't seem to be doing much for me so I loosened the neck, pulled it up, re tightened it and it seems to be fine now. I do believe it was a bad route job to begin with because the thing visibly isn't centered in the guitar, but as long as it plays properly, I'm happy with it. I'll take it to a music store and get it all properly set up anyhow, action is no good for me how it is, and I've never used a floyd rose before so I wouldn't know where to begin.