Wow dude.
I happen to be listening to Ghost Reveries right now.
Pretty much any songs from there last 4 - 5 albums.
That's my opinion of course.
"Windowpane" is really good, basically id say anything from the damnation album really, i really like that album. It lacks the whole "death metal" feel but nonetheless its a top album. Other than that id also reccomend The Moor from the Still Life album
The Moor
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You cant go wrong listening to the entire Ghost Reverie, Damnation and Blackwater Park Albums.
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Deliverance is their best song.
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****in all of them!

Top ones (not including acoustic tracks/Damnation album): Bleak, Blackwater Park, Deliverance, Master's Apprentices, Reverie/Harlequin Forest, The Grand Conjuration, Black Rose Immortal, April Ethereal, Demon of the Fall, The Moor and Serenity Painted Death.
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Pretty much all Opeth songs.
I suggest the albums Blackwater Park and Ghost Reveries.

Also, the Metal Forum has an Only Opeth thread, which would benefit your request far beyond the Pits capability.
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Bleak, Blackwater Park, Ghost of Perdition, Deliverance are great heavy ones... To bid you Farewell and Face of Melinda are good mellow ones (for most parts).
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ghost of perdition
blackwater park
maybe windowpane
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Probably, "Milkshake".

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Probably, "Milkshake".

That's right, bastards.. It's all stuck in your heads now.