Hey guys. I'm really into Mastodon, but since I live in Alaska, I've never had an opportunity to see them live. How are they? Some of their stuff is pretty complex, and I'm just wondering how well they pull it off? I'd like some information from both the good and bad sides, so if you've had either a good or bad concert experience with Mastodon, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks in advance.
There pretty awesome live. When I saw them a few years ago they sounded great and played good. I have Nothing bad to say about them live.
Good, I saw them a few years back, before Blood Mountain. Seeing them this year at Bonnaroo along with Metallica, as long as tics aren't too much.
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Ive seen them twice, the first time they sucked big time! It was like they played 1 very long song, it all sounded the same, but the next gig was waaaay better
I saw them last year in London and the live stream of Download Festival. I would definatley love to see them play again they we're really good!
Brent usually has pretty bad vocals from the live videos I've seen, but other than that they're really tight.
they were awsome when i saw them...but when i saw the dvd of when i saw them there vocals sounded repulsive (as in the screaming sounded literaly like a pissed off 3 year old girl and the sort of yelling vocals...well not as bad but you can tell they have no idea what there doing with there voices outside of the studio/when you hear them live without the mask of being so loud they can barley hear you ****ing up.
i saw them live on the unholy alliance tour and im gonna say they were my favorite act, not my favorite music, but definately had the best show
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