I saw this and was amazed! Check this out!!!

It's at Musicians Friend and I think I'm gunna buy it but I figured I should ask you guys first. Anyways I think it's a great deal!

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Yea its the OLP line. A lot of people love them when modded. I think its owned by Ernie Ball but I'm not sure on that, I'm sure someone will correct me. Its pretty much like a Ernie Ball/Music Man Petrucci Sig but....cheaper
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Price aside that things ugly.
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Guitar looks like **** to me.... It might be good?

I think he uses a Ibanez now.

He still uses Ernie ball. He switched from ibanez in 96? somewhere aroudn then.

I've heard the OLP music man basses are actually really good after a pickup change.

I dunno about this guitar, as far as the neck, pickups, tremolo, and body woods go though. Might be a great intermediate guitar.
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it dosent look very good. you can get it if you want but its not worth it. it dosent even say what pickups it has?!.
OLPs aren't all that great... they are good beginner guitars and ok when modded, but not much more. The real Music Man and especially the BFR Petrucci sigs are just *drool*.
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No they don't, and UG is proof...
That thing would be about fifty dollars less if his name wasn't on it. Just because it's the sig model of someone famous doesn't mean it's good.
my other guitaris has an MM petrucci sig. He bought the OLP for ****s and giggles as a backup. He ended up modding like crazy and put in more money than the original MM. Its garbage
dont go crazy..
save up and get the musicman, that guitar is supurb.
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thats a horrid guitar

Not horrid, some can actually be pretty nice guitars, it's just not as fantastic as the real deal.

dont get that guitar....that guitar is the same as if squier made a line of yngiwe malmsteen signature guitars. they have a nice name on them...but that is the only good thing about them.
save up instead and buy a real musicman JP

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hahaha... haha.. ? your kidding right?

Haha, your kidding right?
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Haha, your kidding right?

its a squier, not a fender...
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its a squier, not a fender...

Indeed it is. If you had any sense of humour, you'd understand.

Now stop the spamming and such...
Just. Say. No.

I do no like the looks of that thing.
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hahaha... haha.. ? your kidding right?

he's completely kidding, i'm sure.
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Wow, its got to be good if its a John Petrucci Model, cause he's like awesome!
Don't get it. Save up for something decent. Trust me.