Ok, heres my predicament.

Ive had a Marshall MG50 for 3-4 years now. Good amp, got me through some gigs, great starter amp. But my friend said he is willing to sell his Fender Deluxe Tube to me for $275. It's in great condition and it never leaves his house plus, he just got new tubes for the whole thing. (Excuse my English...)

40W Tube Power is about 100W SS Correct?

Now, here's plan two. So with this, I have no purpose for the MG. I was in Sam Ash yesterday and I played the ESP LTD EC-400. This thing was pretty amazing and withing a good budget. Got home, did some research, nothing but 4.5/5 stars everywhere. I play punk/ska/reggae/jazz/rock/some metal. So I need versatile equipment. With this combo I tried yesterday, I feel I pretty much hit everything. I am a gigging and touring act.

I own a 72' Telecaster Deluxe, no more than a year old. I asked the price of the trade in of both the MG and the Deluxe and they said 150 for the MG and 250-ish for the Tele. Thing is about the tele, even though it has two humbuckers, there is no low end, I made the mistake of getting a maple neck... With this and the 540 I have saved, with the trade-ins and the fender deluxe ill have 665 overall (or something like that). The guy said he'll bring the price to 750, originally 850. Don't get confused with the EC-400VF.. this was just EC-400...the higher end.

Does this sound pretty fair?

Wow...that was pretty long. (I know..."thats what she said...")


Thats the EC-400VF, ain't she pretty?
Get the amp, keep the Tele. Get an EQ instead or replace the pickups. The Maple doesn't really effect low end all that much. The Deluxe Fender will sound way more bassy and organic. SS amps tend to sound thin. Get the amp first and then maybe get the guitar. Oh n you are getting way screwed over with those trade values. That tele is worth 400 easy. Its very popular.
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I'd trade the MG, but keep the Tele.
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40W Tube Power is about 100W SS Correct?

No. 40W = 40W, SS vs. valve does not matter.

Now here's the kicker... due to differences in tonal breakup, the valvestate amp will cause the effect (an audio illusion, if you will) of roughly doubling the power. In essence, it doesn't double the power, but sounds like it does.
Uh... I'm not sure I understand, maybe super simplify it.
It sounds like you have

Tele +MG

while you want

ESP + Fender

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