Does anyone have a good quality image that shows the notes on the neck that I can print out? I figured if I print one out and put it on the wall so I can see it whenever I practice it'll help me learn the notes on the guitar.

Sorry if this has already been asked before! Thanks.
Make an Excel spreadsheet of it. I'd send the one I made but it's on another computer.

That one's not bad.. just did a google image search for "notes on guitar neck".. give it a go and see what you can find.
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That one's not bad. I've seen some decent ones on google, but I have a poster, actually. My dad's had it for years.
Hm, thanks a lot for the image, but I was hoping for a more graphic one. One that actually has the guitar neck on it. Just to make the visual association a bit easier.
One way to help learn notes on the neck of the guitar is to learn various scales along with their corresponding notes and apply them to the guitar, so that you are both learning to play that particular scale as well as learning where the notes are of that scale on the fret board as you run through it. This is how I've been doing it, anyway...
i had a good one i made but for some reason my fagbucket account disappeared.
just count off the notes and memorize them. Also learn the circle of fifths and keep track of your octaves. This really helps you keep track of the fret board.